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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and his family too. state police want to talk to one more person in the vehicle after the time it was pooled other. kamir lewis is wanted for questions on what happened. should there have been a chase on i-76 and the vine during rush hour. >> we sent investigator harry hairston. harry, what did you find out? >> reporter: we reached out to the state police department. they're not talking on camera about their protocol or chase policies but they do say they stand behind the actions of the troopers. state police tell us that the troopers involved in the resch hour chase that ended in thiz fire are crash performed their duties by the book. according to penndot, more than a thousand people were on this crowded stretch of 676 during the chase that involved the gun fight and ended with the
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suspect's car crashing into an empty school bus. we reached out to matt, a security specialist and retired federal law enforcement agent of the trooper's actions. should the state police have given chase? >> the state police were absolutely justified in giving chase. they had probable cause. there was a problem with the registration. the vehicle fled, he didn't stop, and they did exactly what they were trained to do. >> even on a busy crowded street at rush hour? >> when you initiate the traffic stop you don't know what direction it may take you. at the end of the day, these suspects fired on the state police during the execution of a traffic stop. were absolutely justified. >> fred heron is the public safety director for the salem police. he did agree to talk about his didn't's police chase policies. >> let's take off and the police officers try to stop him at 2:00 in the morning in an area that's
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heavily populated. the officer has more latitude to pursue that vehicle. he did admit it's difficult for officers to not want to chachls what did he do the officers don't know about and i want to find outside at send him to jail. >> reporter: our experts tell us the state police chase policy is different than any local law enforcement agency. reporting live, harry hairston, n b "nbc 10 news." >. turning to the holidays, hugs, kisses, in a tracked train station. >> george, are you feeling the love at the station there? >> jim, absolutely. this train station has really been the hub of holiday emotion, holiday reunions today. also a hup for a lot of travelers. this taxi line has rarely
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stopped nor has this stream of family and friends coming here to pick up their relatives. in the middle of 30th street station today jillian price and john get reunited. their pennsylvania to d.c. romance will be in person this thanksgiving weekend including a first ever meeting of the family stirring up some nervousness? >> oh, very, very. terrified. everything seem so calm and smooth leading up to thanksgiving. you never know what happens at thanksgiving. >> their reunion was one among many. on this busiest of train travel days we saw friends and family hugging out months of separation. >> oh, my gosh. sharon davis has been traveling to see her surrogate family here in philly once a year for the past three decades. >> i don't have an extended family in new york. i only have my two sun two sons
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family. this has been my extended family and love coming down every year. >> reporter: pre-thanksgiving drinks with family and friends. that tradition has slowed in recent years. >> the bar and restaurant business has skpanltded into neighborhoods now, so i think the people stay closer to home. >> closer to home is exactly what many here want. whether philly is just an adopted home for this holiday weekend or the place of their birth. >> how does it feel to come back every year? >> happy to be home. happy to be home. i miss philadelphia. >> you still feel it, huh? >> definitely. >> you can hear the excitement in her fous and an am traction spokesman just told me they've gone mostly smoothly out of 30th street station here. that e're carrying double the volume of passengers they would expect on a typical wednesday. i'm george spencer with "nbc 10 news."
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and from george spencer let's go up in the air to sky force 10 and dean na durante with breaking news. what can you tell us, deanna? >> reporter: take hack. you see a car on fire near montgomery drive and the schuylkill expressway. sources tell us the car on fire was a stolen vehicle and hit another car. we're hearing police may have two people in custody. you can see on the ground there a number of accomplishes including marine unit. we saw pennsylvania state police on the ground as well as philadelphia police. we've also seen philly police in the air surveilling the situation. you see the car on fire. we saw two airbags deployed in that vehicle. we don't see any ambulances on scene yet. also we're hearing that two people may be in custody with police at this point. again, a stolen car there on fire. another car and we're waiting on word of injury.
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that's the latest from sky 4. >> thank you. on this thanksgiving eve, it's likely to be a busy night on the road. the night before thanksgiving is a big night of peytoning and also drinking and driving. that's why many local police agencies are having dui check points. uber is starting something new so people won't drink and drive. there will be a kiosk. then uber will give you a ride home. the first $20 is free. and if you're heading out to dinner, you can get a free ride home if there. uber and a company called be my d.d. for december is nated driver will be available. there's an app that shows pickup times and locations. and as we count down to
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thanksgiving, is the place. >> you're got going to need to bundle up for thanksgiving. >> not at all, no. we can see temperatures in the 60s. glenn "hurricane" schwartz >> just about everywhere in the area. not at the pocono mountains or right at the shore, but just about everywhere in between. travel is going to be just as fine as it is right now. the roads are going to be dry. it's 48 degrees at philadelphia now. dropping from our high of 55. it's still in the 40s in many other parts of the area. so the temperature is dropping because of the clear skies and light wind and low humidity. a lot of the suburbs will be in the 30s. but it's going stay dry and by the time you get up, it's not going to be as cold as it's been the last couple of mornings. for the next couple of days,
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we expect a mix of clouds and sun. lehigh valley, 59 degrees, but it doesn't really go up even higher into lehigh valley. it will be a little warmer and a little cooler right at the jersey shore. then it gets even warmer for black friday, but change is coming over. >> let's go back to nbc 10 and deanna durante. the car is still on fire. >> reporter: we're told that's a stolen vehicle and two people have been taken into custody. you see that car there on the left. it appears as though the two cars impacted. it's not on the expressway. you see the expressway on the left-hand side of your screen. state police hopes to get two people out of the grassy area, hoping to get them off to safety. they're just now arriving on scene. you've got philadelphia police and marine unit as well as the
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state troopers assisting the injured. we're told two have been taken into custody by the police. you can see firefighters first tending to the injured there on the side of the road. we're working to get more information. we're live above knew montgomery. back to you. today president obama addressed the nation to let americans know there are no credible threats to the u.s. the president says he knows families are talking to their kids about terrorism at the dinner table following what happened in paris. mr. obama says he wants to keep americans informed. >> so as americans travel to be with theirloved ones. i want them to know that their counterterrorism, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals at every level are working overtime. they're continually monitoring threats at home and abroad. >> and here's fun to look
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forward to the stepped up security will include what's called hercules teams. ready to move in at the sign of any threat but they say there is no specific threat there. >> the stage is set for the state senate to remove kathleen kane from office. the senate committee made the decision today. she's running her office with a suspended law license. she was charged with obstruction and perjury and for leaking information and lying under oath about it. the full senate has to vote on the full process that could eventually remove kane from office. here's what she had to say. today a handful of senators sought to substitute their judgment for that of more than 3 million pennsylvanians who cast
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their vote. i believe this attempt to remv the attorney general from office is unconstitutional. tonight punched and forced into a van. philadelphia police think a man may have been abducted from baenk yesterday afternoon. the suspect is on the right side of your screen. witnesses heard a man say i don't want to go with you as he was pulled out of the bank. so far no one has been reported missing. next, missing teenagers on the run. 600 miles from home. tonight, only on nbc 10, how a local waitress pieced it all together and reconnected the kids with their parents. plus, saved from the scrap yard. tonight, new life for a historic vessel on the delaware river. thanksgiving is going to be warm but wait until thursday. i'll have your first alert forecast next. we continue to follow this breaking news as you look at firefighters dousing flames. this car fire as deanna durante
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reported is thought to be a stolen car. we're continuing monitor this breaking news just off i-76.
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let's go back out live. firefighters getting control of this fire on a stolen car.
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>> reporter: take a look. you can see the philly firefighters have the fire out and the brush caught on fire as well. over to the left of your scene, these are injured people taken from the other vehicle and if we pan other putt pan over further, you see the traffic. they have two people in custody. the two people we saw on the side of the expressway were on stretchers presumably taken to the hospital. a lot of police presence around them and around the car. the car fire now out there on montgomery drive. that is the latest. de-anna d an deanna durante. back to you. "the ss united states" will stay afloat as well. it raised $600,000 and that's enough to restore this iconic
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ocean liner. the cost, 60 dpran 0 grand a mo. two teenagers are back home thanks to an alert waitress. the girls applied for jobs. >> the waitress did a little digging and uncovered the clues. tim furlong spoke to the waitress how she helped reunite the parents with their kids. >> lisa will be a new mom but her maternal instinct kicked in when two young girls came in looking for jobs. >> all sounded really weird. they looked really young. >> the 16 and 14-year-olds put their names on a application fwhous address or phone numbers shchl e saw them going into other stores. >> i said i'm pretty sure that they're run aways. >> lisa knew something wasn't right. she learned a little information and started searching facebook
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for connections. she found the 16-year-old's muslim up in maine and this missing poster. melissa called police and messaged the mom. he spoke with the mom. >> it was so comforting to know somebody care and had seen them and that they were oklahoma. >> lisa learned they ran way to stay with friends in south carolina. once she got the police in involved they were found the next day in a plaza begging for money. >> i don't feel like i was a hero. i feel like i told their mom they were alive and safe and gave their mom comfort. she doesn't feel like a hooechlt the parents disagree. >> that's what a hero is. goes on feelings. something doesn't feel right and i'm not okay with just letting this go and she didn't and because she didn't, we found the girls the next day. >> reporter: in newark, delaware, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news."
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looks like it ooh going to end up being in the top three for warmest novembers ever reported in philadelphia, so why should. a thanksgiving holiday be warm in this particular year. it is going to be warm in the 60s and then it gets even warmer for black friday before some showers come in over the weekend and try to change things a little bit. it's been dry, of course, all week. 48 degrees. the wind, southeast, at 8 mights an hour and the humidity creeping all little bit. temperatures generally in the 40s. but it's 35 degrees in mount pocono with clear skies and light wind. it's 41 degrees in millville with the wind coming in off the ocean. it would be colder if it was calm. a lot colder in millville. you receive that many times. well, it was 50 yesterday, 43 on monday. 55 today. 62 tomorrow, 67 degrees on black friday. that would make it 15 degrees above average. that's pretty exceptional and
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close to record levels in some parts of the area. it's dry up and down the east coast. a few light showers around chicago. fairly dry country here. we have that wind flow off the ocean. at least to start the day tofrmt some clouds from time to time and then the wind is going to start turning a little bit more out of the south and then the southwest. that's going to allow us to warm up even more and then here comes the front with some rain. not by friday evening. not even close to us, sit. but by saturday, that front comes into the area with at least the chance of a come showers. a northerly wind cooling us down somewhat. lit not be in the 60s over the weekend. there's a boost of an east wind. the front stalled near by. so that will give us the threat of some showers into sunday especially in delaware and extreme south jersey. not going to be a washout
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saturday and sunday but there will be a shower both days. for thursday and friday the threat is of mild weather. some of the cold air starts to creep down as we go over the weekend but it's not going to get enough of a push to get cold here or to drive that moisture south. 42 degrees. mostly clear skies. a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. a warmer day into the low 60s. that's ten degrees above average. it gets warmer than that on friday. allentown's record on friday, 62. the easiest to break. a chance of showers on saturday. a better chance on sunday especially in the southern parts of our area and the best chance of rain overall comes on tuesday when it warms up again. >> i'm danny parnell. coming up, we'll look at the crowded eagles injury report and a live look from john clark in
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as the team arrives in the motor city. that's next.
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the eagles are in detroit. tight end and running back will not play tomorrow. they're out both with concussions while sam bradford and teaters are questionable. with more, we send it out to john clark braving the cold outside the team hotel in detroit. >> reporter: yeah, danny. we're on the road and eagles are braving injuries. will it's talk about jason kelce. obviously he's limping. we can see he's a little
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hobbled. he's missed last two days of practice now. his knee is hurting him. if he can't continue josh andrews will go. that's pretty krng. and will it be sam bradford or mark sanchez? sam bradford did participate fully but it was mark sanford who got all the reps. here's jordan matthews about the team responding to the worsening loss of the chip kelly era. >> it's sometimes beneficial. coach kelly is taking care of our byes this week. it's givening us a chance to have a good mental. i think everybody's fresh, feeling good, and with it being a short week, everybody's ready go play. what a better day to play. >> what kind of attitude is this team going so-to-have? >> watch and see. that's all i can tell you. >> this team is going to respond? >> they're going respond and very well. i can tell you that. >> yeah. after the birds gave up 283 rushing yards to the bucks,
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they're facing a lions team. so hopefully the eagles serve up a lot of stuffing for thanksgiving. back to you, danny. >> let's go the sixers now who continue the road trip. they're still searching for that elusive first win. the sixers came off a win. that is your look at sports.
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a lot of people heading out. a lot of people staying inside. >> we've got to high school football games and all sorts of things outside. 60s tomorrow. even warmer on friday. record levels. we cool down over the weekend but nothing too drastic and a chance for showers especially on sunday to the south. >> all right.
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thank you. >> not bad at all for the holidays. >> thanks for joining us. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. ity fears. the president says there is no credible threat to the u.s. this holiday weekend. but as millions take to the road and sky, tonight a warning of a dangerous lapse. our nbc news investigation revealed at major airports. tragic mistake. military officials now blame human error for the deadly u.s. strike on a hospital, revealing the crew lost vital systems and carried out the attack any way, on the wrong target. to the streets. another night of protests in chicago as new questions are raised about the video showing a police officer fatally shooting a teen-ager 16 times. and buyer beware, this year black friday may not have the biggest savings. the best dayto


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